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We supply Filter PCB with S7136H Material for communication equipment and base station antennas, which are mainly used for 4G/5G communication related equipment. Our company has many years experience of high-frequency board manufacturing. Our company can build a wide range ofFilter PCB with S7136H Material boards, including hydrocarbon resin systems, PTFE resin materials, etc. Normal laminate suppliers including Rogers, Taconic, Shengyi, Wangling, Zhongying, Shanghai Nanya, etc., We can meet customer the needs of various different DK products.We can provide manyFilter PCB with S7136H Material in the 5G communication field, our main products currently processed are PCBs for the antenna, including oscillator boards, power splitter boards, network correction boards, power amplifier(PA) boards, dielectric filters, frequency converters ,etc.

Product Detail

Filter PCB with S7136H Material


1.Production Introduction of Filter PCB with S7136H Material

High-frequency boards are mainly used in high-speed signal transmission, it is running with high transmission frequency, and the boards are widely used in high-speed signal transmission communication equipment, such as 4G and 5G base station antenna equipment.

The main difference between Filter PCB with S7136H Material and ordinary PCB is that it uses different materials. Ordinary PCB uses FR4 material, and DK is generally about 4.4, while Filter PCB with S7136H Material uses high-frequency board, DK is small, and the commonly used range is 2.2-3.5.

High-frequency boards generally have some special test requirements. For example, antenna products generally require passive intermodulation tests, and some filter products require amplitude and phase tests.

2.ProductParameter (Specification)

The main process difficulty of Filter PCB with S7136H Material is the different material processing parameters. Compared with ordinary FR4 materials, drilling, PTH removing glue, solder mask routing process and other processes require special controlling.

Our company has introduced passive intermodulation instrument, network analyzer and other equipment, which can perform passive intermodulation test, amplitude and phase test, insertion loss test, standing wave ratio test, etc.Some key parameters of this filter PCB manufactured by our company as below:

Material choices



2 layers

Surface treatment

Immersion tin


3.Product Feature And Application 

High-frequency boards are mainly used in communication equipment such as base station antennas. With the in-depth development of 5G communication technology around the world, high-frequency boards will have more and broader applications. At the same time, they will be used in automobile anti-collision systems, satellite systems, radio systems, etc. High-frequency boards in these fields also has a wide range of applications.


4.Product Details

Refer to the attached pictures, the high-frequency products produced by our company include antenna elements, filters, power amplifiers, power splitters, etc.


5.Product Qualification

Our company has complete quality management system, currently we have certifications as follows:


We built the whole production processes of Filter PCB with S7136H Material in our own factory, we have VCP (vertical continuous plating) line, vacuum etching line, other advanced production equipment, we also have test equipment such as passive intermodulation and network analyzers to professionally serve the requirements of high-frequency boards.


Our company has more than 20 professional technical research and development team, the main technical leader has 10 years R&D working experience in head PCB technology company, we will continue to research all kinds of communication technology, followed by 5G industry and development trend, meet various new requirements from our customers.


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Our company has excellent customer service system, pre-sales and after-sales responding fast, EQ confirmation within 24 hours, technical support, production are running 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

To provide a quick sample, provide competitive production delivery, based on customer special requirements, we internal set up a green channel to meet customer special requirements.



Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A:We are a professional PCB manufacturer with 24 years of PCB manufacturing experience


Q:If OEM is acceptable?

A:Acceptable, our company is a professional OEM manufacturer, providing professional OEM services for customers' electronic products.


Q:Where is your factory located?

A:Our factory located inNo. 48, Pingnan industrial park, Zhongkai hi-tech development zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China.


Q:Do you provide sample? Free or charge?

A:We can offer samples, tend to make samples first before mass production, within the scope of a certain number ,the samples are free.


Q:How long is your delivery time?

A:Depending on the design of the product, there are different delivery periods. Generally, the 4L board samples are delivered within 6 days, and a special green channel is set up to guarantee the special delivery needs of customers.


Q:What test equipment do you have specially for Filter PCB with S7136H Material?

A:Introduced passive intermodulation instrument Kaelus iBA-1800A, Network analyzer Agilent E5080B,etc.

Q:What are your normal high-frequency laminate supplies?

A:Our normal laminate suppliers including Rogers, Taconic, Shengyi, Wangling, Zhongying, Shanghai Nanya, etc.


Q:What are your normal high-frequency laminate types?

A:Our normal used high-frequency laminates types including RO4730G3,Aerowave300,RO4350B,S7136H,NY7350,GF300 ,ZYF-300CA-P,RT5880,F4BM,ZYF220D,FSD220G,etc.

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