Techigh(integrated circuit industry, High-tech company, PCB top 100 company)

Techigh circuit company can build all kinds of printed circuit boards (PCB), including Electro-optic board (LCD,OLED,miniLed board), Coiled circuit board, communication high frequency and high speed board, buried capacitance board, HDI board, etc. We can manufacture many special processes, like back drilling, resin plugging, paste polyimide (PI) coverley, soft gold plating, etc. We can meet customer diversified needs.

Techigh products are common used in many high technology fields, like Consumer electronics (LCD,OLED,MiniLED,etc. displaying screens, smart phones charger, PC adapter),industry controlling (industry computer, etc.), automobile electronics(touching screen), medical instrument(glucometer, breathing machine, etc),safe-protection electronics(video monitor, etc.), communication devices(4G、5G antenna, etc).

 Techigh always takes customer-centric, we consistently invested in R&D field, keep on improving our process capacities, enrich our quality methods and systems, we provide high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, fast reaction PCB solutions.